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Museos 2012 Dic. Soldiers 207 Coreo y Vietnam LVT
Vietnam Museo 2015 Jul. Soldiers 238 Experiencia en Vietnam










(Recorte bordado de camiseta)






 Acción de Combate (Primera Recompensa)


Segunda División de Infantería

Ratas de Río y Raras de Tunel


Experto en Jungla

Army 2014 May. Soldiers 224 El First Army
Fuerzas Armadas  1999 Jul. Ago. Defensa 255 256 Las Fuerzas Armadas USA

Militar Academy 2003 Jul. Soldiers 94 West Point
Militar Academy 2004 Mar. Soldiers 102 Admiral Farragut Academy

Montaña 2003 Sep Defensa 305 10 División de Montaña
Montaña 2004 Nov. Soldiers 110 10 División de Montaña

Museo 2013 Dic. Soldiers 219 El Museo de la NRA
US Army 1984 Enc. Cuerpos de Combate 8 US Army

US Army 1997 Jul. Soldiers 21 Equipo y Armamento
US Army 1997 Jul. Soldiers 22 Medios Pesados

US Army 2003 Dic Soldiers 99 Brigadas Ligeras
US Army 2012 Jul. Soldiers 202 Museo Quartermaster Museun

US Navy museo 2015 Ago. Soldiers 239 Patriot Point´s Museum
Museo 2015 Nov. Soldiers 242 Museo Militar del Norte de Florida

Museo 2016 Ago. Soldiers 251 Museo Yanks en California
Museo 2016 Dic. Soldiers 255 Museo Militar de Arizona


Emblema de Pecho Helicópteros de Ataque

Emblema de Pecho Helicópteros de Ataque



  Primero de Caballería

Primero de Caballería y Octavo Regimiento de Caballería 

 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

 Guardia Nacional de Maryland RAID 



 Wolfpack HMH-466

Helicópteros 1984 Enc. Cuerpos de Combate 1Ais Calvary
Helicópteros 1986 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite 1 Primero de Caballería

Helicópteros 2015 Ago. Soldiers 239 El guardián de USA


Memories are already starting to flood in as John remembers his time at Fort Bragg.  First, in years 1964-65 as a corporal assigned to the 403rd ASA Special Operations Detachment with the 7th Special Forces Group and the 3rd Special Forces Group and later in1967 (after we were married) as a Lieutenant going through Special Warfare Officer training in preparation for his deployment to Vietnam.  He left Ft. Bragg the first time for Monterey, CA to attend language school (to learn that wonderful romantic language Vietnamese) driving a $100 Corvair with his buddy Cliff Johnson.  Cliff's father Sky Johnson was a famous mechanic and worked at a place called Love Valley for Richard Petty.  Anyway, Cliff and John got this car, that Ralph Nader later deemed the world's most dangerous auto.  But it got them to California, despite some adventures along the way.

We drove down to the Special Warfare Museum.  The first thing John noticed was that a different statue was in the square.  This one is of Bull Simons, an SF Colonel with the 7th Special Forces, famous for the Son Tay raid on a prison camp in North Vietnam.   Not to mention a rather distinguished career in other theaters of war

We went looking for "Bronze Bruce"or just Bruce as it is known among SF soldiers, the original SF statue that stood where Bull Simons now stands.

Turns out, Bruce had been moved to the Army Special Operations Command headquarters memorial plaza, in a stealth operation that occurred in the middle of the night.  The Bronze Bruce is 12 feet high, on a pedestal making the whole thing  22 ft high.   This was the first memorial dedicated to the Vietnam War in the US.  He was chosen because nearly all special operations soldiers killed in Vietnam were green berets.

Money to initiate the creation of this statue was donated by John Wayne, who at the time had just starred in the movie "The Green Berets", and Barry Sadler, who wrote the song, "The Ballad of the Green Berets."  The most remembered refrain from that song is, "100 men will test today, but only three win the Green Beret." Special Forces from around the world contributed the rest of the money needed to erect this statue.  It's pretty special!



John F. Kennedy, the President who called for the creation of the Green Berets, or Special Forces, is well lionized around Ft. Bragg.  This statue depicts Kennedy and Col. Yarborough as SF is established

New York City -- The "Horse Soldier" has a permanent home. De Oppress Liber, the 16-foot-tall bronze statue also known as the "Horse Soldier," depicts a Special Operations soldier in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, and commemorates the first time US troops used horses in combat since 1942. The sculpture's new home now watches over the Ground Zero Memorial in New York City.

On Sept. 13, 2016 members of Task Force Dagger -- a joint Special Operations team consisting of Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group, aircrew members from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), and Air Force Combat Controllers -- gathered to commemorate the America's Response statue and remember their actions in the wake of 9/11.

Vic McGowan, a spokesperson for the United War Veterans Council, said, "In mid-October 2001, as the nation watched from their living rooms and their couches, their board rooms, their offices and from the streets, members of Task Force Dagger rode through the mountains of Afghanistan and we were once again reminded of our great American spirit."

It was a dangerous mission. U.S. Special Forces were on the ground in Afghanistan within weeks of the 9/11 attacks to begin the war against the Taliban. Despite all the high-tech gear at their disposal, it was the use of horses that proved pivotal in the crossing the rugged terrain. The mounted troops became known as the "horse soldiers."
The America's Response Monument, aka Horse Soldier statue, sits in its final resting place at Liberty Park, adjacent to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. The statue serves as a reminder of the bond formed between U.S. Special Operations Forces and the New York City first responders. (U.S. Army photo by Capt. Eric Hudson, 160th SOAR Public Affairs.)

Special Forces Monument

In my home town of Woodland Park, we have a lot of soldiers. The Army’s Ft. Carson is 40 minutes down the pass and we hear often about another soldier from the base who’s not coming home from war.
“Fergy” was a Master Sergeant with the 10th Special Forces Group, a Green Beret. A friend introduced me to his wife and we began to talk about creating a place where Fergy would be remembered. I was invited to attend a ceremony at the 10th Group where they honored the fallen. Names were read and families recognized. At the center of the ceremony they had erected a battle cross; boots, rifle, beret, and dog tags standing straight and silent in their tribute.







7th SFG


10TH Grupos (1,2 y 3, 1968 a 1983 

5th SFG (A), 1964-1985
5th SFG Teniente
1964 – 1972 Personnel Recovery Teams 5th Special Forces Group Vietnam

 10TH Grupos (1,2 y 3, 1968 a 5th)
Fuerza DELTA 5th SFG

5th SFG (A)

 10TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (1,2 y 3, 1968 a 1983


Convención de 1984 de Veteranos Boinas Verdes





















CIA 1988 NAM Mercenarios CIA
Delta Force 1984 Enc. Cuerpos de Combate 5 OG Delta

Delta Force 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite Delta Force
Delta Force 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Antiterrorista Task Force 11

Delta Force 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Entrenamiento  Delta Force

OES 1984 Enc. Cuerpos de Combate 1 Boinas Verdes
OES 1986 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite 4 Boinas Verdes

OES 1986 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite 4 Guerra en las Montañas
OES 1986 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite 4 La Guerra Secreta

OES 1986 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite 4 Son Tay
OES 1988 NAM Special Operation Group

Ranger 1988 NAM Reconocimiento en profundidad

OES 1995 Dic. Soldiers 3 Organización OES
OES 2001 Mar. Def 275 La Guerra de Guerrillas Versión U.S.A.

OES 2001 Unidades de Combate Fuerzas Especiles Estado Unidenses
OES 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite Las Special Forces

OES 2002 Jun. Soldiers 81 USSOCOM
OES 2003 Feb. Defensa 298 5 Grupo deOES en Afganisthan

OES 2004 Feb. Soldiers 101 Museo de Fort Bragg
OES 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Terrestres USASOC Comando OES

OES 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Terrestres USSOCOM Mando OES
OES 2005 Ene. Soldiers 124 Museo OES y Airborne Fort Bragg

OES 2005 May. Soldiers 116 Special Forces US Army
OES 2006 Ago. Soldiers 131 Una Apuesta de Futuro

OES 2006 Fuerzas Militares del Mundo 42 160 Special Operation Aviation Regiment
OES 2011 Nov. Soldiers 194 160 Th SOAR

OES Helicópteros 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite Night Stalkers
OES Helicópteros 2003 Jun. Soldiers 93 Los Pilotos del USSOCOM

OES 2020 Ene. Soldiers 274 Mando OES en Europa











 501 AIRBORNE                  503 AIRBORNE


Paracaidistas 1984 Enc. Cuerpos de Combate 1 AirBORNE dIVISION
Paracaidistas 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite 82 Airborne

Paracaidistas 2003 Mar. Soldiers 90 82 Airborne
Paracaidistas 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Aerotransportadas 85 Airborne

Paracaidistas 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Aerotransportadas 101 Airborne
Paracaidistas 2007 Mar. Soldiers 138 Airborne 101 Aetrasportada

Paracaidistas Rescatadores 2014 Dic. Soldiers 231 Pararescue élite de la USAF

















Emblema Surface Warfare





Ex USS Kraken (SS 370), S-31 Almirante García de los Reyes

Ex USS Ronquil (SS-396) S-32 Isaac Peral

Ex USS Ronquil (SS-396) S-32 Isaac Peral

 ex USS Picuda (SS-382) S-33 Narciso Monturiol

El ex USS Bang (SS-385) S-34 Cosme García

El ex USS Bang (SS-385) S-34 Cosme García

USS Jallao (SS-368)  S-35 Narciso Monturiol


Persian Gulf 2003 - 2004


USS AMERICA CV 66, Travesía por el Mediterraneo 1993-94

Vipers HSL-48 Helicópteros de la US Navy




US Navy 1999 Mar. Soldiers 42 USS Nassau
US Navy 2002 Ago. Soldiers 83 SEABEES Fuerza Logística

US Navy 2002 May Soldiers 80 Pottaaviones John F. Keneddy
US Navy 2002 Oct. Soldiers 85 Equipos de Seguridad

US Navy 2004 Ago. Soldiers 107 Special Boat Team
US Navy 2005 Abr. Soldiers 115 Destructores de la US Navy

US Navy 2005 Ene. Soldiers 112 Submarinos Nucleares 50 de Historia
US Navy 2006 Dic Soldiers 135 Museo US Navy Washington

US Navy 2006 Nov. Soldiers 134 Coastal Warfare Sqd.
US Navy 2007 Sep Soldiers 144 Riverine Squadron

US Navy 2010 Nov. Soldiers 182 Submarinos Clace VIRGINIA
US NAVY 2014 Ago. Soldiers 227 Museo Naval de Boston

US NAVY 2014 May. Soldiers 224 Museo de la Academia Naval
US Navy Academia 2001 Feb. Soldiers 77 Academia Naval de Annapolis

Navy Museo  2014 Jun. Soldiers 225 Museo de Submarinos USA
Navy Museo 2014 Feb. Soldiers 221 USS Midway

US Navy museo 2015 Ago. Soldiers 239 Patriot Point´s Museum
US Navy 2015 Feb. Soldiers 233 LHA 6 Los nuevos anfibios de la US Navy

US Navy 2008 Feb. Soldiers 149 Nuevos Submarinos para OEs
Navy Buques 2016 Abr. Soldiers 247 destructores DDG

US Navy Buques 2015 Feb.Soldiers 233 LAH 6 Nuevos buques anfibios
US Navy 2016 Nov. Soldiers 254 Mando de Combate Expedicionario


The unveiling of the Navy SEAL Monument in Virginia Beach, VA on July 20 began with a North American Aviation P51 Mustang (a long-range, single-seat, fighter-bomber from World War II) flying overhead. It’s familiar engine sounds evoked a sense of pride in the crowd–a perfect segue into the pledge of allegiance and moment of silence led by monument creator, Rick Woolard.
La inaguración del Monumento de Navy SEAL en Virginia Beach, el 20 de julio comenzó con el vuelo de un avión P51 Mustang norteamericano (cazabombardero de la segunda Guerra Mundial de largo alcance y un asiento solo). Estos sonidos familiares del motor  evocan el sentido de orgullo de la muchedumbre a la perfecciona seguido por la promesa de lealtad y un momento de silencio conducido por el creador de monumento, Rick Woolard. 


Under heavy gunfire from dozens of North Vietnamese soldiers, Navy SEAL Mike Thornton lifted critically injured fellow SEAL Tom Norris onto his shoulders and carried him in the darkness down the beach into the South China Sea surf.
Inflating Norris' life jacket, Thornton kept him afloat and breaststroked for about two hours to a support boat after that October 1972 beach-landing firefight near the Cua Viet River. Norris — who had been shot in the head — later underwent surgery and three years of rehabilitation, but he survived.
Now, this spectacular Vietnam War battlefield rescue will be memorialized in bronze. Saturday, officials will dedicate a 10-foot statue depicting Thornton carrying Norris on his shoulders during the facility's 28th annual Muster reunion at the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Fla.
"It was the only time this century when one Medal of Honor winner was rescued by a person who would eventually get a Medal of Honor for rescuing him," said Rick Kaiser, executive director of the museum.
Kaiser expects about 10,000 people to attend this weekend's Muster events, which include a 5K beach race, a music festival, a memorial service, and demonstrations of SEAL sniper, parachute and K-9 teams.
The statue was commissioned by former presidential candidate Ross Perot, who is friends with Thornton. The sculptor is Paul Moore of Norman, Okla., who also crafted a Perot-commissioned bronze statue of Gen. Hugh Shelton at the Airborne and Special Operation Museum in Fayetteville, N.C.

memorial honoring hero Navy SEAL from New York

The monument honoring Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Michael P. Murphy of Brookhaven 

Murphy was awarded the U.S. military's highest decoration for his heroic actions during the war in Afghanistan.

Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Park in Lake Ronkonkoma was dedicated in his memory on July 7, 2006, on what would have been his 30th birthday.



Memorial to Navy Seals and UDT Sailors at the U.S. UDT Navy Seal Museum in Ft. Pierce

We made a run up the Florida coast and entered the ICW via the Ft. Pierce Inlet. Wind was stiff, 16-22 kts with big rolling waves out of the east. With the genoa out we flew, at times hitting 9.5 kts SOG. We then arrived at the Ft. Pierce Inlet just a bit too soon. The tide was still ebbing. The collision of the ebb tide and the easterly waves made for a raucous entry from just before the inlet, until about a half mile in. Fortunately there was no traffic of significance, so the transit was exciting; it was not nearly as bad as our entrance into Lake Worth back in February.

We stayed at Harbortown Marina right off the ICW. The people at this facility are great. However, the docks here leave a lot to be desired. The design is basically for big sport fishers that use their twin screws to back in. The docks do not extend the length of the slip; just the first 15' or so. Then there are the pilings at the stern of the boat (assuming you pull in bow first) that are 15'-20' high and nearly impossible to 'lasso' from the cockpit. At least the bar was at the end of the dock.

The coolest thing I saw in Ft. Pierce was the U.S. Navy Seal / UDT Museum. Turns out that the Navy Seals were born on the very site of the museum back in WW II when a new program began training sailors in Underwater Demolition (UDT). There is also a memorial on site for the UDT/Navy Seals that have died serving our country (photo above). 

Ft. Pierce has a great farmer's market on Saturdays. We stuck around until Saturday morning and purchased lots of great fresh produce and some fresh nice grouper.



Bronze sculptures

Bronze sculptures in the the Memorial Garden honor Navy SEALs and their predecessors. Created by world-renowned artist Pablo Eduardo, the statues depict the evolution of Naval Special Warfare, featuring a Vietnam era Frogman, a contemporary SEAL warrior.

It was well worth the trip. the memorial was very done and well taken care of. The statue is bronze. The people of littelton are very proud of danny. Dietz was a member of a 4 man seal team that was ambushed in afganistan by 300 taliban. Dietz and two others were killed after along fire fight. The team was lead by Lt. Murphy a medal of honor recipent. 16 other seals were killed trying to rescue them. Luttrell was the only suvivior. He wrote the best seller”lone suvivior” a great book!

 Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy ~ Navy Seal ~ Medal of Honor

Memorial is on South Ocean Avenue, Patchogue, New York.

MCC alum, fallen NAVY Seal Matt Mason honored with memorial in his hometown

The memorial, in front of the Kearney Historic Museum at 101 S. Jefferson St., includes a “battlefield cross” — a helmet atop a military weapon, anchored at the bottom by a pair of boots —  as well as a large photo of Mason. A 25-foot flagpole behind the memorial flies the U.S. and Navy SEAL flags.
Kearney Fire Chief Larry Pratt told the Kearney Courier that after Mason’s family donated the cross sculpture to the city, the fire department had been taking it to community events.
“We had it out at Smithville Lake during an event. We had the guys take it to some concerts here and around to all of the schools,” Pratt told the paper. “The guys really like doing those things. We always want to show our support, but it’s definitely time it had a permanent home.”
Mason was serving as a member of the elite Naval Special Operations Command (SOC) when his U.S. military Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan in August 2011.
Thirty-eight people died in the attack including 30 American service members. Of the Americans, 17 were Navy SEALs.

























Buceadores 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Navales Buceadores SBS y SDV
Buceadores 2005 Ene. Soldiers 124 Los Buceadores de la US Navy

SEAL 1984 Enc. Cuerpos de Combate 6 SEAL
SEAL 1986 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite 1 Hombres del Delta

SEAL 1988 Enc. Comando 4 Ataque desde el Mar
SEAL 1988 Enc. Comando 4 Operaciones Especiales

SEAL 1988 NAM SEAL en Vietnam
SEAL 1995 Oct. Soldiers 1 US Navy SEAL

SEAL 1997 Mar. Soldiers 18 Nuevas Lanchas
SEAL 1998 Mar. Soldiers 30 Audacia 97

SEAL 1998 Mar. Soldiers 30 Patrulleros Cyclone
SEAL 2000 Dic. Soldiers 63 SEAL en Vietnam

SEAL 2001 Unidades de Combate Sea, Air and Land
SEAL 2002 Dic Soldiers 87 Maniobras Lisa Azul

SEAL 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite Navy SEAL
SEAL 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite SEAL Frogmen

SEAL 2004 Ago. Soldiers 107 Comandos US Navy
SEAL 2004 Ago. Soldiers 107 Museo

SEAL 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Navales SEAL
SEAL 2005 Ene. Soldiers 124 Encuentro Veteranos Muster XXV

SEAL 2005 Fuerzas Militares del Mundo 39 Guerreros de élite de la US Navy
SEAL 2005 Osprey US Navy SEAL

SEAL 2008 Ene. Soldiers 148 Muster XXII
SEAL 2011 Ene. Soldiers 184 Encuentro Veteranos Muster XXV

SEAL 2011 May. Todo Seguridad 38 Navy SEAL
SEAL 2012 Abr. Soldiers 199 Abril 2 Parte Selección y Adiestramiento

SEAL 2012 Jul. Soldiers 202 4º Acciones de Combate
SEAL 2012 Jun. Soldiers 201 3 Parte Equipamiento y Armamento

SEAL 2012 Mar. Sodiers 198 1º Parter Misiones y Organización
SEAL 2013 Ene. Soldiers 208 Museo SEAL

SEAL 2016 Jun. Soldiers 249 Así se forma la élite






Ranger 1984 Enc. Cuerpos de Combate 5 RANGER
Ranger 1988 Enc. Coamndo 5 1 Ingreso

Ranger 1988 Enc. Coamndo 5 2 Camino a Seguir
Ranger 1988 Enc. Coamndo 5 2Allá en Georgia

Ranger 1997 May. Soldiers 20 Ranger USA
RANGER 2001 Ago. Soldiers 71 RANGER

Ranger 2001 Sep. Soldiers 72 Ranger en Vietnam 1960 1973
Ranger 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Terrestres 75 Reg. Ranger

Ranger 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Terrestres 75 Reg. Ranger
Ranger 2015 Jun. Soldiers 237 Formación






Marines Provisional Security Battalion 3D MAW











Marines 1984 Enc. Cuerpos de Combate 8 US Marines Corps
Marines 1986 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite 1 Bienvenido a los Marines

Marines 1995 Jul. Soldiers 10 Maniobras Matador con La Legión Esp.
Marines 1998 Abr. Soldiers 31 Organización y Medios Terrestres

Marines 1998 Dic. Soldiers 39 Movimientos Operativos III
Marines 1998 Jul. Soldiers 34 Maniobras Destined Glory 98

Marines 1998 Jul. Soldiers 34 Medios Aéreos
Marines 1999 Ago. Soldiers 47 Cuando los Marines Llegan

Marines 1999 Mar. Soldiers 42 Unidad Expedicionaria 26
Marines 2000  Libro Marines Formación de Marines

Marines 2000 Libro Marines United States Marine Corps
Marines 2001 Dic Soldiers 75 Base de Quantico

Marines 2001 Feb. Defensa 274 Maniobras con Argentina
Marines 2001 May Soldiers 68 PHIBLEX Maniobras IM Española

Marines 2001 Unidades de Combate USMC
Marines 2002 Ago. Soldiers 83 Marine Expedittionary Brigade

Marines 2002 Dic Soldiers 87 Nueva Uniformidad
Marines 2002 Dic. War Heat 9 MEU Unidades Expedicionarias de Marines

Marines 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite Formación de Francotiradores
Marines 2002 Ene.Mar. La Legión 478 MARINES

Marines 2003 Oct. Soldiers 97 SRT Quantico
Marines 2004 Feb. War Heat 13 El Poder Aéreo de los Marines

Marines 2004 May. Soldiers 104 Expedición Vehículos Combate
Marines 2004 Nov. Soldiers 110 Vehículos de Ataque

Marines 2005 Oct. Soldiers 121 USMC FAST Equipos Antiterrorista
Marines 2006 Mar. Soldiers 126 Los Marines ya forman Parte del USSOCOM

Marines 2006 Sep Soldiers 132 Reclutas en San Diego
Marines 2008 May. Soldiers 152 MARSOC Operativos 2008

Marines 2009 Abr Soldiers 163 Planes de Futuro
Marines 2009 Dic Soldiers 171 Museo Nacional del USMC

Marines 2011 Abr. Soldiers 187 USMC Anglico
Marines 2012 Ago. Soldiers 203 Batallón de Entrenamiento de Infantería

Marines 2012 Oct. Soldiers 205 Camp Pendleton
Marines 2012 Sep. Soldiers 204 Camp Pendleton

Marines 2013 Ago. Soldiers 215 Boot Camp en San Diego 2 Parte
Marines 2013 Jul. Soldiers 214 Boot Camp San Diego 1ª Parte


Marines 2013 Nov. Soldiers 218  Fuerza CBRIF
Marines Museo 2013 Abr. Soldiers 211 Museo Mecanizado en Camp Pendleton

Marines Museo 2013 Mar. Soldiers 210 San Diego Command Museum
Marines Museo 2013 May. Soldiers 212 Museo de la Base de Miramar


Marines 2016 Jul. Soldiers 250 Formación
Marines 2016 Sep. Soldiers 252 Marsoc Marines de OEs

Marines 2017 Oct. Soldiers 262 Próximas décadas
Marines 2016 Dic. Soldiers 255 Marsoc Marines de OEs

Marines 2017 Mar. Soldiers 258 SNEPER School Formación



RECON Marines 1996 May. Sodiers 8 RECON
RECON Marines 1998 Mar. Soldiers 30 Patrulleros Cyclone

RECON Marines 2000  Libro Marines Reconocimiento
RECON Marines 2001 Unidades de Combate RECON

RECON Marines 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite RECON Élite Marines
RECON Marines 2003 May. Soldiers 92 RECON US Marines Comandos

RECON Marines 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Navales RECON
Recon Marines 2010 Libro Marines Unidades de Reconocimiento









USAF 1979 Feb. Defensa 10 Agresores en el Cielo
USAF 1999 Feb. Soldiers 41 Base de Nellis

USAF 2002 Abr. Soldiers 79 USAFE en Europa
USAF 2002 Sep. Soldiers 84 Servicio de Rescate y Recuperación en Vietnam 1962 1973

USAF 2004 Fuerzas Especiales del Mundo Aerotransportadas SOAR Special Ops. Aviation Reg.
USAF 2004 Oct. Soldiers 109 820 Grupo de Respuesta

USAF 2005 Abr. Soldiers 115 41 Escuadrón Rescate
USAF 2006 Jun. Soldiers 129 Adios TOMCAT

USAF 2007 Jul. Soldiers 142Emergency Service Team
USAF 2007 May Soldiers 140 Agresores

USAF 2008 Jul. Soldiers 154 AFSOC Comando Operaciones Especiales
USAF 2011 Dic. Soldiers 195 Amarg de Tucson El Cementerio de la USAF

USAF 2016 Jun. Soldiers 249 B-21 El futuro bombardero

USAF Paracaidistas 2002 Enc. Cuerpos de Élite Pararescue
USAF Paracaidistas 2004 Ene Soldiers 100 Paracaidistas de Rescate

Academia de Aviación 2014 Abr. Soldiers 223 USAFA
Air force Museo 2015 Ene. Soldiers 232 Museo March AFB

 Air Force 2017 Ene. Soldiers 256 Area 51

Air Force Museum 2018 Jun. Soldiers 266 USAF Museum en Dayton
Air Force Museum 2018 Ago. Soldiers 267 USAF Museum en Dayton

Air Force Museum 2020 Mar. Soldiers 275 Conmemorative Air Force Museum

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